Question Of The Month: Are fertility treatments eligible expenses?

Dear Gina:

My husband and I are having trouble conceiving and we are exploring fertility treatment options. Are these types of procedures considered HSA or FSA eligible expenses?

Answer: The good news is, yes, to the extent that procedures are intended to overcome an inability to have children. Examples are IVF (in vitro fertilization—including temporary storage of eggs or sperm), surgery (including an operation to reverse prior surgery preventing someone from having children), shots, and GIFTs (gamete intrafallopian transfers). Unfortunately, expenses paid to or for an in vitro surrogate usually do not qualify.

When the treatments are paid for up front at the time of the first visit, some health FSAs will apportion the reimbursements as services are provided during the treatment plan. Fertility treatments can be expensive and often are financed over a period of time. You should note that only payments made during the plan year in which the service is provided are considered eligible for reimbursement.  

I wish you all the best!

Note to employers: If you would like to add fertility benefits, we offer an HRA that can be made available to all employees. Contact us for more information.

– Gina



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