Question of the Month: Can my FSA reimburse my future IVF payments?

Dear Gina – My spouse and I financed my in vitro fertilization procedure, successfully performed I’m thrilled to say, earlier this plan year. The financing term lasts for two years. Can I be reimbursed from my FSA for those ongoing payments in future plan years?

While in vitro fertilization is an eligible expense for an FSA reimbursement, because the actual procedure was performed this plan year, only payments that occur within the plan year are considered eligible for reimbursement due to the expense-incurred requirement. So, unfortunately, payments in future plan years are not eligible for reimbursement. That said, you may be eligible for tax relief outside the FSA plan. I recommend you present this medical expense to your tax preparer to see what tax benefits you may be entitled to. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

– Gina



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