About Us

Alphabet Soup Soup 3

Experts in Alphabet Soup programs

From COBRA, FSAs, HRAs to HSAs, over the years, we’ve grown to accommodate the ever-changing world of employee benefits. And, we’ll continue to morph and add services as the federal government inevitably adds more letters to our alphabet soup collection. 

Our history

Founded by Gina Marken, SBA has been meeting the administration needs of employers and employees in the ever-growing world of alphabet soup programs since 2003. 

Why SBA?
  • Boutique. As a locally owned and operated third-party administrator, at SBA, we pride ourselves on setting a stellar service standard that is typically unmatched by the “big box” TPAs. You will always talk to a “live” person and we shun cumbersome phone-trees and direct to voice mail.
  • Expertise. We specialize in compliance and administration of federally-regulated, complex programs. You will never receive an “I don’t think so” or “non” answer to a question. If we don’t know, we’ll do the research and, if necessary, tap in to our network of industry professionals to provide a definitive answer. We’ll be proactive in letting you know if changes are on the horizon that will impact your programs. 
  • Service. These programs, by nature, are complicated and impose strict timelines and rules that must be followed. We take to heart that, while we live and breathe these regulations, most people need some hand-holding to understand these benefits and we’re here to help. Perhaps it is because of being responsible for penalty-ridden imposed deadlines, we are also hyper-sensitive to responding to all inquiries promptly.
  • Technology. Just because we are a “boutique” firm doesn’t mean we don’t provide cutting-edge technology. From online enrollment to mobile apps, digital receipt storage to COBRA payments, our client/participant portals are designed to create efficiency. Most recently, we have been named an approved Employee Navigator vendor.

Better together

Increasingly, many alphabet soup programs are becoming interconnected. From monitoring contribution limits to sending COBRA notices for COBRA eligible benefits, as a single-source administrator, SBA can provide macro and micro management, creating efficiencies and potentially lowering costs.

Don't just take our word for it.