What items are HSA/FSA-eligible for a joint replacement?

Dear Gina: My doctor has advised that I need a knee replacement. I know I am going to need all sorts of equipment. What sort of items can be reimbursed through my Flexible Spending Account?

A: Fortunately, there are a lot of items that are eligible to run through either an FSA or HSA.  Examples include: canes, walkers, shower stools, safety bars, ice packs, as well as pneumatic compression pumps to prevent blood clots. In addition to physical items, if you do not have a driver to transport you to and from the hospital or to physical therapy appointments, you can run the cost of a taxi or Uber through the plan. Even if you do have a driver, you can write off the medical mileage (and parking expenses) to and from the hospital and physical therapy appointments. Current medical mileage rates can be found here on SBA’s website




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