Question of the month: Are yoga classes and massage sessions HSA eligible expenses?

Hi Gina – I came across an article saying it’s possible my yoga classes and massage sessions could be considered eligible HSA expenses? Is this true? Thanks! Wendy P., Bellevue, WA


Great question. The answer to both is possibly. Massage is a little more clear cut. If you have a “prescription” from a doctor or chiropractor stating the medical necessity, then yes, your massage qualifies as an HSA eligible expense. I suggest getting a new “prescription” once a year so medical necessity can be confirmed if your documentation is ever audited.

Yoga?  Boy, it seems like it could work but we’ve never had anyone try to run that expense through either an FSA/HSA.  But, since you asked, it might be possible if a Naturopath (I say Naturopath because they would seem more likely to write a prescription for yoga) wrote you a prescription for it, again stating a medical necessity.  After all, we know stretching muscles can relieve pain and increase mobility and range of motion for conditions such as fibromyalgia.  Keep in mind, the IRS auditors will want to know if it’s for personal use (ineligible) or for medical necessity (eligible).

Additionally, a gym membership is eligible if you have a medical necessity such as obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure. Again, you’d need to provide a detailed note from a physician describing the medical condition.

For a generally comprehensive list of HSA eligible expenses (you’ll note yoga isn’t listed) please visit SBA’s website.

Thanks for asking!

– Gina

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