Question of the Month: Are SAD Treatments FSA/HSA eligible?

Dear Gina: My doctor has diagnosed my spouse with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  As the days get shorter, he gets moody and depressed.  We’re interested in trying holistic methods first, before prescription medications.  Can my FSA reimburse some of the recommended over-the-counter treatment options?

A: Yes! First, you’ll need a note from your spouse’s doctor with a diagnosis of SAD.  While vitamins are generally not eligible for reimbursement through an FSA, a prescription for Vitamin D or Melatonin for treatment of SAD will make it an eligible expense.  The diagnosis and prescription can also make the purchase of a Light Box, a light therapy designed to deliver a therapeutic dose of bright light, an eligible expense. Many medical plans cover psychotherapy (talk therapy), but some limit the number of mental health visits allowed in a plan year. Fortunately psychotherapy is always an eligible expense through your FSA. So, if your spouse needs more than is allowable under your medical coverage, it’s still an eligible expense through your FSA.

– Gina



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