Question of Month: Curious things that make us go “hmmm”- eligible expenses edition

With all the various treatment and therapies, coupled with the recent expansion of the list of eligible expenses, we have been barraged with all sorts of questions about questionable things that participants are seeking reimbursement for. Here are just a couple that made us scratch our heads and have to do a little research.

Dear Gina – Are red light therapy for weight loss or mobile IV therapy (to help with fluid loss, athletic recovery, hangovers) things that can be reimbursed from an FSA or HSA?

Answer:  Yes, but only if your doctor deems the therapy a medical necessity and writes you a prescription.

Dear Gina – I know that I can be reimbursed from my FSA/HSA for my contact lens, but can I also be reimbursed if I purchase a warranty on them?

Answer: You are correct that the lens themselves are an eligible expense, but no, a warrantee is not a visual necessity nor a visual aide and therefore does not qualify as an eligible expense.

Keep those questions coming and we’ll get you the answers!

– Gina



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