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Today, making the most of healthcare benefits means moving beyond traditional insurance plans. At SBA, we are experts in the alphabet soup of HSAs, FSAs, HRAs, POPs and COBRA. We integrate and manage these valuable supplemental programs to help employers and participants save time, effort and above all, money.

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The muddy waters of COBRA and a global world

In our ever-increasing global world, corporate lines are often blurred. U.S. companies are frequently members of a controlled group that ...
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Question of the month: Do I have to offer COBRA to an employee I fired for misconduct?

Dear Gina - I just fired an employee for gross misconduct. Please tell me I don’t have to offer him ...
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Question of the month: Can we double dip on our DCAP?

Dear Gina -  My spouse and I both have employers who offer the Dependent Care Assistance Plan (DCAP) through a ...
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Have employees in Seattle? What employers need to know about the new Transit Benefits Ordinance.

Earlier this month, the Seattle City Council passed the “Seattle Transit Benefits Ordinance” which will require Seattle employers to offer ...
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