Why SBA for your clients’ POP Plan Administration?

Even as one of the simplest pre-taxing savings plans, Premium Only Plans still have compliance requirements that are often-times overlooked.

For your clients with a POP, do they:

  • Have a plan document?
  • Conduct annual discrimination testing?
  • Distribute a Summary Plan to all participating employees?
  • Require employees to complete election forms or waivers?
  • Complete Change of Status plans when an employee changes the amount they have deducted mid-plan year to conform to qualifying change of status reasons?

If you client cannot answer yes to any of these questions, they will not pass a Department of Labor audit.

SBA provides your client with a Premium Only Plan that will help them meet all the compliance requirements. Annual checklists are included to remind clients of what is required each-and-every year. And, while the cost is minimal, the benefit is great.

Our POP administration includes:

Set Up:

  • Plan Document
  • Adoption Agreement
  • Summary Plan Description
  • Discrimination Testing
  • Election forms
  • Bookkeeper instructions
  • Checklist for compliance
  • 3-Ring Binder to keep archived plan years organized


  • Plan Documents ONLY if material changes are made in Section 125 Premium Account regulations
  • Annual renewal checklist
  • Non-discrimination tests updated with indexed amounts
  • Election forms

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