Why SBA for your clients’ COBRA Administration?

Over the years, what started as a basic benefit for terminating employees has grown increasingly complicated. Let us be the COBRA expert so you can focus on providing better service to your clients.

Once a client is on-board, as a team, we work with you and your client on all aspects of COBRA administration.

At setup:

A bulk of the work for new groups is in the initial setup. Our proven process makes this work simple for all parties:

  • You work with us to exchange group benefits, employee census, and group contact information.
  • We set the group up in our COBRA software.
  • We contact your group’s representative and explain how COBRA Administration works with them and what their role will be in exchanging employee information.

Your client will feel taken care of because a bulk of the setup work has already been done between you and us which reduces the burden on them.

Monthly administration:

  • We collect premiums and administer their timeliness.
  • We enroll new COBRA participants in the insurance benefits they elect.
  • We mail COBRA payment coupons.
  • We answer all COBRA participant questions throughout the entire time of COBRA eligibility/enrollment.

At renewal:

  • We reach out to you about 20 days before your client has a benefit that renews asking for finalized plan and rate changes.
  • We let you know if anyone is on COBRA and ask you if the insurance carrier requires the COBRA participant complete an enrollment form or if they will be automatically enrolled with the same coverage as before.
  • We handle all Open Enrollment communication to the COBRA participants and will send them Summary Benefit Coverage (SBC) documents you’ve provided us so they will know how their coverage has changed.
  • You tell us if we need to forward complete enrollment forms to you or directly to the insurance carrier.
  • We communicate with you and our mutual client to keep everyone apprised of enrollment status.

Let’s get started

Click “Get a Quote” and we will provide you with a proposal for COBRA Administration with your client’s/prospect’s name on it. If they have more questions, they can contact us directly and we will explain our services with more detail. This takes the burden off you to know everything about COBRA.